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রানু মন্ডলের তেরি মেরি কাহানী গানে প্রথমবারের মতো নাচলেন সালমান খান !! Ranu Mondal Salman Khan Dance

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রানু মন্ডলের তেরি মেরি কাহানী গানে প্রথমবারের মতো নাচলেন সালমান খান !! Ranu Mondal Salman Khan Dance !! 24 News BD
Hello Guys!!

In this video i'm going to show you Salman Khan dance for the first time in Teri Meri Kahani song of Ranu Mandal. Hope you enjoy this video.

You all know Vikharini Ranu Mondal of Ranaghat Railway Station in India. She has been at the top of the news headlines for quite some time. Recently she returned to Ranaghat by recording songs with renowned music composer Himesh Reshammiya. When came to Ranaghat Ranu Mandal sang in the first stage and Bollywood's most popular actor Salman Khan danced in the same stage.

In fact Salman Khan is taking Ranu Mandal to various parties and awards stage to get his seat in Bollywood. On that stage Salman Khan dances with Ranu Mandal's song Teri Mari Kahani. The audience of the stage burst into ecstasy after seeing the dance of Salman Khan and the dance of Ranu Mandal. Then everyone on stage took a selfie with Ranu Mondal. When asked about Salman Khan instead of Ranu Mondal he said that Ranu Mondal can sing very well. I had no problem dancing to her songs. Come on we were able to bring great joy to the stage audience. I believe one day Ranu Mondal will be one of Bollywood's most popular music artists.
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THANKS FOR WATCHING......!! #24newsBD #RanuMondal #RanuMondalSalmanKhanDance

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