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All I Want Christmas To Be - MonaLisa Twins

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Is Christmas still how it used to be ...

For many, us included, Christmas always stood for a time of magic and wonder, playtime and adventure. Born and raised there, we firmly believed in our Austrian version of Santa Claus. Instead of Father Christmas, every household gets a visit from the "Christkind", a golden-locked, angel-like figure packing presents underneath brightly decorated Christmas trees.

We believed in elves, fairies, reindeer and magic. Somehow more things became possible when the fairy lights went up and the rooms started smelling of cinnamon and oranges.

When writing "All I Want Christmas To Be" we went back to that time ... when Christmas (at least for us kids) didn't mean stress, spending money on obligatory gifts, being pestered by cheesy commercials and trying to avoid hearing "Last Christmas" for the hundredth time.

We hope you enjoy the video we put together for the song, and if you like it, would encourage you to share it with your friends and maybe send them back down memory lane to their own childhood Christmas experiences!

We also wouldn't mind you sending it to your favourite radio station, sharing it on Social Media or adding it to the playlist of your nearest Christmas market :-) We would also love for you to leave a comment underneath the YouTube video or in the comments section on our website ♥

Thank you, guys and have a lovely start into the Christmas season!

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