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Post Malone Calls Yelawolf A "Nerd" In Retaliation News - music

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Post Malone Calls Yelawolf A "Nerd" In Retaliation
Post Malone stands up to Yelawolf's recent bullying attempt. Post Malone may be that affable guy, ready and willing to pass the beer-bong when his turn is up, but don't get it twisted. Should he find himself provoked, he will clap back accordingly. After Yelawolf set his sights on half the game's mainstream white rappers, Post Malone caught the brunt of a love tap. "Fu*k it, fu*k Post Malone, just because, let's see if he answers back," spits Yela, before calling him a "poser, biter, appropriation thief." As it happens, Post was not about to let the slight go unanswered. "Yelawolf is a nerd, and this tweet is the only support I will offer his album," writes Post, via Twitter. "also @Yelawolf please show me all your chill bill shit please! Last I heard you was talking about how you wanted your shit like mine, I have acouple lenders, don’t worry! hmudad." He also threatens the dreaded "band snatch," offering an open invitation to Yela's backing band to jump ship. "lmk when your band is done with your dookie and wants to play some actual good music," taunts Post.
Last but not least, Malone provides receipts of his own comment section, which finds Yelawolf chiming in with some words of encouragement. Clearly, Post feels confident that Yela is unwilling to revert back to the "Pop The Trunk" days, and decided to defend his honor. This isn't the first time Post has contended with those questioning his place in the game, and it's good to see him standing his ground. It's unclear as to whether Yelawolf will pursue anything further, but beef has always been a surefire way to move records.

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