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When it comes to the rise of vegan straightedge in the 90s hardcore scene, there is one band that deserves the credit (or blame, depending who you ask): Earth Crisis. I talk about:

- How bands like Youth Of Today and Vegan Reich set the stage for them
- Their "debut" at the 1993 More Than Music festival in Dayton, Ohio and how that got them signed to Victory Records after putting out the "All Out War" EP
- The release of the "Firestorm" EP 1994 and how it took the entire punk and hardcore by a storm (ba dum tiss)
- How it made veganism and vegan straightedge THE topic of conversation in the pages of Maximumrocknroll, Punk Planet and other zines
- The amazing "Destroy The Machines" LP, that made the metallic "chugga chugga" style the default for hardcore bands all over the world and later the metalcore genre
- Their appearances on CNN, Geraldo, ABC News, America's Most Wanted and more as the "militant straightedge" thing became more common
- Their legacy, and how they inspired people like Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy and Davey Havok of AFI to go vegan
- CNN segment on the Syracuse scene: https://youtu.be/TREXAHHqDvg
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